website time or date and time seems wrong - how to fix your profile preference of time zone

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DFWMAS Website Time or Date and Time Seems Wrong
How to Fix Your Profile Preference of Time Zone

Many including myself have thought following a security update in perhaps 2022 (more or less) impacted the date and/or time posts are created. We had website checked, and they have fixed date and time. However, if you still think date and time are not showing correctly, then perhaps you need to do what I just did (Jan 10, 2024 - thank you @melev for your advice)

Go into your account. You can do this by double clicking your name.

DFWMAS time zone in personal preferences - Fish Think Pink not USA.jpg

Then once in your account, go into Preferences. At the top of preferences, you should see your time zone. I found the website thought I was no longer in Texas, but across the ocean in London etc. Change the value to match your actual time zone, in my case Central USA, as shown below:

DFWMAS time zone fix to central USA time zone.jpg

Perhaps you will find something similar, and if so, then this explains why you seem to be viewing things at a date/time different than others. If you are buying/selling, then you might be stalking the website watching to see the last time a member was on, but if your time zone is off, then you tend to notice.

This is how my profile looks now, showing (back to) central USA time zone:
DFWMAS time zone in personal preferences - Fish Think Pink fixed.jpg

You might wonder why this is a user configurable value. Our club has been around since 1994, and some members have moved but stayed with the club. Other members may just enjoy our club. Our purpose is for the advancement of the hobby, and I know I've been really pleased with this club since I found it (once I moved to DFW). We have members spanning coast to coast, from Florida to California!

Hope this thread helps you view the website date/time more accurately going forward.