Tank coming down - Free fish and extras

I am getting out of the hobby for awhile and have some fish to offer... these are free if you take all of them.

2x False Percula
3x Blue Green Chromis
1x Flame Angel
1x Tomini Tang
1x Cleaner Shrimp
1x Peppermint Shrimp
1x Pencil Urchin


These can be picked up locally 5-9pm weekly and you will need to bag them from the tank in my office.

Anything not claimed by 5/25 is going to Petco, whom is closest to me. If you are an LFS, please arrange to pickup before then.
These fish have been all donated to a new home. Thanks everyone for reaching out and please see my dry goods post (when approved) which has the tanks, automation, etc. @Fish Think Pink please approve as I no longer have these fish. Thank you!