Series of 5 gallon buckets for a sump?


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I am going to set up a 40 breeder, so need to build my stand (unless someone has one they want to let go of), and figure out my sump. I have been thinking that if I used a series of buckets for my sump, it would be a simple thing to pull the buckets every once in a while to clean out the detritus. I could fit 5 buckets under there because I can place the tank out a ways from the wall. And staggering them in height, using uniseals, and pvc toward the top of each bucket, and over the top of the next bucket that it flows to, I could have live rock/media/sand in 2 buckets, my skimmer in the next, caulerpa/sand in the next, and then my return in the last. I have a large skimmer - SKIMZ Monzter SM163 - that will fit in a 5 gallon bucket because the pump is inside the skimmer. Once again, I am thinking this way primarily as a way to make it possible to remove detritus easily. What am I missing? Where are the potential problems with this setup? Should I stick with a traditional glass sump, and why? I will appreciate any helpful ideas very much!

I'm considering going bare bottom in the 40 breeder. I don't want any rock in there, but may have the sand. I will use light diffuser to hold the corals. I want to get lots of flow around the acros.