Reefkeeping in the Victorian Era

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As the saltwater aquarium hobby celebrates over half a century of maturation, we often talk about the many reefkeeping pioneers. In his 1972 book “Tropical Fish, Freshwater, and Marine Aquaria,” Reginald Dutta talked about equipment such as an Ozonizer, an Ultra Violet Ray Tube, and a Urine Skimmer even then, along with testing for nitrite and nitrate, as well as combining ozone and skimming in a “reactor tube.”

Urine, anyone? Protein skimming is at least fifty years old.

He described the Urine (protein,) Skimmer as “another vital new gadget made possible by the introduction of stronger airpumps,” and continued “As far as tropical marines are concerned, these are the good old days of the individual pioneer when much has still to be learned. However, it seems more likely that, at the end of the 1970s, marines will have replaced freshwater tropicals. First, because they are beautiful, and second because they do survive.”

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