Red Sea Max Nano G2 XL is their biggest Nano Reef Tank to date (33 gallons)

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Red Sea Max Nano G2 XL is their biggest Nano Reef Tank to date​


Today Red Sea has released details on its latest aquarium launch, the Max Nano G2 XL. Like the Max Nano and Max Peninsula, the G2 XL is an All-in-One plug-and-play reef system, incorporating 50-watt app-controlled LED lighting, an ATO, a protein skimmer, a filter sock, a return pump, and chemical media. But the new G2 XL has a larger volume and two very special add-ons for those who want the ultimate in nano reef tank accessories.


Tech specs​

Despite the G2 label, the Nano XL is the first Red Sea tank with 20”x20”x24” dimensions (50x50x60cm) giving it a working volume of 125 liters, or 33 gallons capacity. The tank is constructed from solid 10mm thick low iron glass and can sit on a redesigned G2 cabinet, available in either black or white. The inbuilt Sicce return pump produces 1550lph/ 409gph, so it circulates the tank volume up to 12 times per hour. With the addition of a heater (not included,) it really is plug-and-play, and Max Nano remains the most featured loaded and complete nano reef tank available on the market today.

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