Pod Explosion Sale!


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We're going to make a cool graphic tonight or tomorrow, but I'm too excited to wait! From now until Sunday, use code PODEXPLOSIONJUG to receive a free 32 oz. Snacklebox for every half gallon Snacklebox you purchase. Or use code PODEXPLOSIONGALLON to receive a free half gallon Snacklebox for every gallon Snacklebox you purchase.

*For PODEXPLOSIONJUG you'll add any product containing a half gallon Snacklebox (including Snacklepack) to your cart, and then you'll add a 32 oz. Snacklebox to your cart. When you enter the code at checkout, the 32 oz. Snacklebox will be discounted to $0.

**For PODEXPLOSIONGALLON you'll add any product containing a full gallon of Snacklebox to your cart. Then you'll add a half gallon Snacklebox. Enter the code at checkout, and the half gallon will be discounted to zero.