How to Manage Reef Tank Pests

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How to Manage Reef Tank Pests​


Typically when starting a new project we only see the positive aspects and every task is filled with excitement and anticipation. For instance, when setting up a new garden in the Spring, we cultivate the soil, plant the seeds fertilize the young plants, and only think of the great crops we will get out of the garden.

Unfortunately, we never anticipate the squash vine borers that eat our zucchini plants in July or the aphids that destroy our tomatoes, or even the deer that eat anything that is green. Similarly, when we set up a new tank we only think of the beautiful colorful corals that will grow in it and the many hours we will spend enjoying it. We never think of the numerous pests that we may encounter and how they can destroy our dreams in seemingly an instant.

While this single Aptasia may not seem problematic it can quickly split and become a real pest.

That is why when starting a new tank, it is beneficial and I think even critical as discussed in a previous article that all pieces of coral and other invertebrates be dipped in some manner and quarantined before they are placed in the display tank. Despite this one or two will sneak by and that is why preparations need to be made for when a pest enters your tank. Corals do not die without cause, and unfortunately in a lot of instances, it is at the hands of one of these pests.

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