GHL ProfiLux 4 Mega Set - Black - Aquarium Controller, $150.00

1x ProfiLux 4 controller, Black
1x ProfiLux 4 power supply
1x Water temperature sensor
1x pH probe
1x Redox/ORP probe
1x Conductivity probe

Cash, Zelle, Apple, and Venmo accepted.


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Sorry, I never got a notification that you replied so just seeing this now. I am still interested if it is still available. Can you please email me at geoffreyunderwood(at)gmail(.com) to ensure I don't miss your response?


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Sending a message here since my emails are no longer being returned. I paid with the understanding that his friend would drop off the equipment at my house, but the seller became unresponsive after receiving payment. I am hoping that this is a simple mix-up, but it has been over a week with no response to multiple emails, and responses were occurring quickly prior to payment.