Getting out of the saltwater hobby - Tired of fighting and losing the algae (Diatoms?) battle!

I'm running a 20 gallon Waterbox aquarium with a refugium. I prefer to sell this whole lot of livestock to one buyer. I'll sell all this livestock to you for $450 and you can take my sand, ceramic media bags, Cheato, and misc. chemicals too.

Healthy livestock for sale. Here are prices if I have to part it out.

3 Pajama Cardinals - ($20 each)
1 Bicolor Blenny - ($35)
1 Small Ocellaris Clownfish - ($40)
2 Peppermint Shrimp - ($10 each)
8 - 10 various snails - Cerith and Astreas - ($5 each)


Xenia - small/healthy ($25)
Green tip torch - two heads - healthy ($60)
Green Rhodactis Mushroom - healthy ($25)
Zoanthids 3 small colonies - they're alive, but the algae has weakened them ($40 for all 3)


Caribsea rock tree plus a stand alone rock.

I'm in McKinney (Stone Bridge Ranch)
Text: 214-725-9590