Free snowflake clownfish


Hello all,

I have two healthy and vibrant snowflake clownfish for free to a good home. They are currently eating both frozen and pellets. I have had these fish for quite some time and they are showing no signs of illness. I am indeed sad to see them go, but my clownfish population is a bit out of control and I need to do the correct thing as a hobbyist. All I ask is that you pick them up in alliance (north Fort Worth)and supply them with love and care just as I did.

Admins, my apologies if this is against the rules. I attempted to post this for free in the live good but I am no longer permitted.

Thank you.


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... @melev Hi Marc, above is an example of someone else unable to post in Marketplace @Drex FYI since we were just talking about this (but regarding different user also unable to post in Marketplace)