40oz Micro Reef a go go!

Did anyone pick up a micro reef build from PNW Customs yesterday at Aquashella? I snagged one. I haven't been in the hobby in about 4 years and sadly can't find my ancient post here from about 10-12 or so years ago, it's probably best I they're gone forever. :)

This seems like a fun challenge to get back in the hobby with. It'll also be first real sump experience and starting at 20 ounces at that. It's hard to wrap my head around this one, coming from 100g at my last build, but it's sure to keep me busy. I've kept marine tanks for that 15 years, then when the dog came, had to exit for a while, (a goldendoodle on my own, wth was I thinking), but she's all grown up now and the salty waters are calling again.....in a big gulp size of 40 oz.

Any other micro reefers here?
How did this 40oz work out for you. I bought one also at aquashella and 2 of pnw's 1 gallon setups. Mine are doing awesome but I set them up with water from 2 of my established aquariums. I'll dig up a picture of them. Do you have a picture of yours?