29 gallon tank and cheap stand-free for pickup


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~29 gallon (30" wide x 12" deep x 18" tall) glass aquarium with the usual plastic top and bottom brace, low-end black plywood stand. Back of tank is painted black. It is not drilled/plumbed, just a plain tank. No light or top included.

This may (likely) have scratches; I have not cleaned the glass in over a year (mostly non-calcareous algae). I have been using this as one of my Aiptasia farming tanks, but I am downsizing and no longer need it. Free for pickup in Las Colinas. Not a nice tank for a display, but could be useful for a small breeding project etc.

Available beginning next weekend.
Do you happen to have a picture? I am looking for a tank this size for a freshwater setup for my son. I am not looking for anything fancy, but I would like him to be able to see into it to see his fish.
It is currently wedged in a corner between two walls and a rubbermaid tub full of aiptasia; only visible from the top and one of the short sides. I can take a pic this weekend after I empty it out and move into my garage.
Pictures per request. Scratches are minor. Does need to be cleaned up-the price for free. No top or lights.


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Hi, is this pick up only?
I’m not sure I understand-this is still available, it is free, if you want it please come pick it up.

I don't think shipping is practical, if that's what you meant.
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