110g Aquarium


I took a job in Seattle and I’m not sure I want to go through the hassle and expense of moving my aquarium. It is in pretty good shape. Thought I would see if there’s any interest in purchasing the whole thing before I start parting it out. Here’s what all it includes, though I’m probably forgetting some stuff.


  • Aquarium stand, canopy, and two side cabinets
  • Custom glass aquarium - approximately 110 gallons, black silicone, one overflow box, euro-braced, thick glass (some scratches that are hard to see when filled with water)
  • Sump - approximately 30g with two sections (skimmer and return), with external return pump bulkhead
  • Separate acrylic box - drilled for bulkheads and can be used as an external refugium or an ATO reservoir.
  • Maxspect Jump SK400 skimmer
  • Several ceramic bio-filter blocks in the sump.
  • 300W aquarium heater.
  • DC return pump (I forget the model, but I think it’s about 1000gph)
  • Two Jebao SLW-30 wave maker pumps.
  • Two LED light units - SMATFARM LED Aquarium Lights (2, but 3 would be better) - Updated Program Coral Reef Light Dimmable 95Watts Full Spectrum Sunrise Sunset for Marine Fish Tanks Fish Tank Light with Timer Function https://a.co/d/413ze0E
  • Aluminum rack that fits inside the canopy that two supplemental T5 lights. I haven’t taken the time to mount the LEDs in the rack.
  • Fat purple tang
  • Foxface Lo (rabbit fish)
  • Fat black saddleback clown
  • Orchid dottyback
  • 4 pajama cardinals
  • Firefish
  • Lawnmower blenny
  • Tiger conch
  • Quite a few snails and blue leg hermit crabs
  • Neon green candy cane - 12+ heads
  • Alveopora colony - white/yellow
  • Green hammer coral - 6-8 heads
  • Acan Lord rock - two types (green/blue and red/blue)
  • Big montipora setosa colony and a couple of frags - red
  • Green montipora - red polyps, but I forget it’s actual name
  • Reverse Superman monti - red with blue polyps
  • Massive zoa colony - three types on a rock a little larger than a softball
  • Small colony of green and pink favites
  • Some kind of green chalice or montipora colony - good grower, but I don’t recall what it’s called
  • Mystery coral - red and yellow encrusting coral
  • Large red monti cap
  • Large green tree leather
  • GSP coral
  • 5 rainbow bubble tip anemones - one large and 4 smaller ones that split from the main one
As I said, I’m probably forgetting some stuff. It’s a nice aquarium. Good size and lots of growth in my corals. All of them started from small frags. Let me know what y’all think.

Oh, yeah… I’m asking $2500 for it all.
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