Does anyone still use


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I have been away for a year or two and came back got a new membership and I’m trying to sell some stuff and it seems like no one is on this site anymore.  I remember when I used to post Corals and tanks  and people would talk.  Whats happened to DFWMAS. Cant even use Tapttapatalk app anymore.  Is there something you are better than people are on.


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It is definitely not as active as it used to be, as lots of people have shifted to social media sites.There are still some active people on the forums and most people just look and not post.DFWMAS is still here for its members and we are lining up events for the year.Unfortunately, the Tapatalk app is not integrated with the new site.People are still actively buying and selling items, allot of talk goes on behind the scenes through private messages.Let us know if you need help with posting anything! 


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The Internet forum, that great old standby of Web 1.0., has become an endangered species.Many boards are stagnant or in decline, if they even still exist. Several once-thriving boards have closed up shop. These are serious signs of the digital times. Message boards were key components of Web 1.0 — the Web before broadband, online video, social networking.They were built for people, and without much regard to profit. By contrast, the Web 2.0 Gorillas like Facebook and YouTube are driven by metrics and supported by ads and data mining. Now FB is experiencing some shifts in participation and scrambling to stay current.Everything has a life cycle and I am confident the clubs site will once again become relative and the site will get more interaction. Our goal is to have events each month and that may help drive participation. We're also asking for input on how to make the new site more friendly.


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After I posted that I wondered if there was anyone who was old enough to remember the days of Compuserve.