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    Water change tower issues

    I have a question. Anyone got any ideas? I have a very similar water change setup to you, with the FW on top and the SW in the middle. alt=""> The problem is that in order to get the SW into the container, I need to utilize some sort of hose. Right now I have been using this: alt="">...
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    New 150g SPS Tank in Austin

    Hi All, I have been slowly purchasing equipment for a tank upgrade. This will be my 5th tank, ranging from a 10g in 2001 (complete disaster), 120g in 2005, 60g in 2007, 40g in 2009. I was looking at the downgrade trend and figured that I might as well go big while I had the chance. Tank...
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    External pump plumbing

    Working on the plumbing for my new sump and was considering using an external pump (snapper). The sump has a 1.5" bulkhead in the back right corner about 12" above the floor of the tank. Could I install an "upside down u" through the bulkhead to feed the snapper? I vaguely remember seeing a few...
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    Welder needed

    I'm looking at upgrading my 40g to a 150g tank (36x36x27) and I was hoping to use a metal stand and skin it in knotty alder. I haven't had much luck in Austin finding a welder, and since the cabinet maker is in Dallas, I figured I would try and see if anyone can help weld. I will be in Dallas...
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    200g build in NW Austin

    Hi everyone. My wife and I are completing a new house in NW Austin, and we have had an additional casita (office/room) built on the back side of the house. The foundation has been poured and the frames are going up this week. I have posted the plans for the casita. My thought is to put a...
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    40g rimless, shallow SPS tank

    I was hoping to continue my 60g tank that I had in Dallas, but upon moving it to storage and then to Austin, the front corners of the tank were chipped. The tank still holds water, but I don't feel comfortable having the tank in a rental house. So, I figured that I would buy or build another...
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    Hanging a light fixture

    Since we moved to Austin, I have been trying to set up my tank but I would like to avoid drilling any holes in the wall or ceiling as this is a rental house. I bought an ATI sunpower fixture the other day and I need to find a way to mount it. I was thinking about those zero edge tree lamps...
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    CA RX / Media RX flanges

    Anyone know where I can get some of these pre-made? My Reef Creations used to make them along with some other websites, but I can't find my links anymore.
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    DFWMAS Club holesaw

    Anyone know where the club holesaws are? I need to drill a hole in my frag tank for a drain.
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    CA precip help

    I was working on my dosing pump and I think that the suction on the CaCl line was broken and I dumped some CaCl into the tank. The pH shot up to 8.75 and the tank is now very cloudy. I have turned off the lights, and am waiting another 15 min for my water change water to be ready, and then...
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    SPS polyp color change

    Anyone ever notice this? I haven't seen it personally, but I think that I remember reading about it. Not sure why this one color is doing it, but I believe that it has to do with it being a wild caught mini colony. A little background, I bought this coral from Austin Aqua Farms back in early...
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    Longwell power cord

    I've got to re-wire my power cords from the ballast to the power strip and I have 4 6' long Longwell PC power cords. I cut off the female end and it has the following colors, blue, green, and brown. Anyone know what each color means? I'm used to black, white and green. Thanks in advance. Chris
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    Austin Aqua Farms

    Anyone order from this place before? Some of the stuff looks pretty good. They are an RC sponsor as well. Some is a little $$$, but looks nice. They had a large thread on the store before it opened on RC as well. Lots of Deltec equipment.
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    T5 ballast wiring issue

    So Chris Tate and I were wiring the 2 ballasts that I have for my T5 canopy and we came across some issues. The first ballast that we wired, worked after a little coxing, but the 2nd one wouldn't work even after we switched some wiring around. Does anyone have any tips to wiring the ballasts...
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    Clowns at night

    ARE BIG AND BRIGHT... alt=""> alt=""> alt=""> DEEP IN THE HEART OF NORTH TEXAS These pictures were taken last night when my red LED dusk light was on and the clowns were swimming around near the light. These little guys are only ~ .5" and are a pair from Frank Perkins.
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    ORA Blue-Streak Cardinal - Apogon leptacanthus

    Anyone know of a LFS that gets these cardinal fish in? I have seen ORA clowns around the metroplex, but I would like to find about 10-12 of these for my new tank.
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    Local breeders

    Do we have any local breeders of clownfish, cardinals, etc? I bought my first pair of clowns from Andy many years ago, and I would like to buy some aquacultured clowns again. If someone is also breeding any type of cardinals, I'd be interested as well.
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    Unknown snail

    I have this snail in my 12g nano and I'm not sure how it got there. I wanted to see if any could ID it for me. If it's cool, then I'll put it in my new tank, if not, then it will go in the sump. I have not seen it bother anything in the 12g, but then again, it might have a taste for SPS and...
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    Denton folks

    I need to ask a huge favor from those in Denton. I want to order a Glasscages sump for the December 9th (Sunday) delivery date, but I will be out of town that day and until the following Wednesday. Can someone pick up the sump and hold it for me until I can make it up to Denton? It should be...
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    Slim canopy

    Good Morning everyone, I am looking to install 6 x 24w T5s over my new 60g cube and I had a request. If anyone has any pictures of slim canopies, either a floating type or suspended, I'd like to see them. I'm thinking about retro fitting the 6 T5s into a small 4" tall wood canopy, but the tank...