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    Anemone eat another anemone?

    Anyone ever seen this happen. I just saw a large bta eat a long tentacle!
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    40G Breeder lighting

    What would be my best best for lighting for a 40 breeder? Would like to keep soft corals and maybe an anemone (probably bta). I'm out of practice. Don't know what brands are good anymore and have zero led experience. Don't want to spend much.
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    My 14G BC

    My nano. Only been up for a few weeks and is just frags out of the 265. It's really growing on me though. alt=""> alt="">
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    Need new MH bulbs...whats popular these days?

    I am getting ready to replace my bulbs on the 265. They are SE. Two 250W and one 400W. What are people using these days? Are Reeflux still a good choice? I am changing from 15K XM's which are a little too blue for me and I dont think I get that great of growth with them. Any suggestions will be...
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    Coral thief caught in act

    alt=""> Darn urchins! One of these days he's gonna leave and take the whole tank with him. Used to annoy me to no end. Now I just consider him a pack rat. Added bonus is he finds long lost frags.
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    Sherman roses - male or female?

    Does anyone know? Anyone ever witnessed a spawn? Thanks Angela
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    Will Hydorflo attach to 1/2" locline?

    I want to use Hydorflos on the outlets in the anemone tank to change up the current a little bit, but I have never used them and was wondering if they will attach to 1/2" locline? I have seen them and have been kinda impressed with them (for something that cost $10) and would really like to give...
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    ID please

    These things are popping up on the glass in my planted tank. Never seen one before. Some type of filter feeder I'm sure, but anyone know what it actually is? I also have an explosion of CLEAR flat worms in the tank which dont bother me since they aren't the bad guys. Strange to have so many...
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    ProfiLux controllers

    Does anyone have one? I think the storm simulation things are awesome, but not $899 worth of awesome. I just want the storm simulator without the rest of it... Check it out. They also have red ones/combo units that do sunrise and sunset...
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    ID please..and should I cover my eyes?

    I don't even know what these things are. I have a bunch of them in all my tanks. These two are in the planted tank. I rarely if ever see them in the daytime, but apparently they had a specific reason for coming out today. I'm not sure, but it looks like baby making behavior to me. So can anyone...
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    t5 lighting - fried

    I took the reflector out of my new fixture from and it has no ballast? Does that make any sense to anybody? There is just no where one could be! It's 4 X 39W. I have an icecap 660 that I am not using that I was thinking about using to overdrive the bulbs, but not sure if that is...
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    Why they call it tang heaven

    My tangs are now plotting how to get from the 265 to the planted tank. At first they were half way scared of the live algae. It has been awhile since they have seen any. I think I can keep up with their appetites with the growth rate of the algae. Maybe I won't have to feed them dried nori so...
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    Starphire glasscages nem tank

    I emailed them because I am buying Drew's prop tank and asked if it was tempered. They replied that they use no tempered glass. I'm sure most people would just buy the tank drilled, but in case any of you ever need to know. Angela
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    Looking for some "fresh" live rock

    Has anyone seen any nice live rock at any of the LFS's lately. I'm not really picky on type but want some that is "fresh" and hasn't been in a bottom tank under NO lighting for months. In other words, I'm looking for some live rock with color. Wanting to seed my tank with some new biodiversity...
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    Drilling and installing overflows on ADA tanks

    I bought a couple of ADA tanks and would like to drill them and install overflows. I have drilled quite a few tanks and feel OK about that, but the thing is, these are small tanks. One is a 12" cube. The other is right around 10 gallon. It's 18" by 10.5" by 12". Making an overflow look good on...
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    Aqualight Advanced Series or Current Outer Orbit HQI

    Help me decide. I'm going to give myself an aneurysm over this. It will be going on/over the 20H with RBTA's.
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    Electrical costs - Are you doing anything different?

    Just wondering if I'm the only person that is getting eaten alive by electric bills during the summer months. I just got one for $477.XX which was enough to prompt some changes in my lighting schedule. I would guess at least $200.00 of that bill is aquarium related. With 900W of MH and 320W of...
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    Good grief! Look at these roses!

    Crazy! If there is any such thing as "too many" I think this is it. Not that I wouldn't be the most arrogant person on earth if that was my tank! Make sure yo looks at page two for some awesome pics!
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    Instant Ocean from F&S

    I just ordered 3 160 gallon buckets and shipping was only $10.99 total. That rocks! The buckets are on sale for $29.XX for Reef Crystals and a little less, like $27.XX for plain IO. Did I mention that shipping price rocks? :D Heck just the damage on the Fed Ex/UPS guys back should cost more...
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    55 gallon planted marine

    Check out "our" 55 gallon planted. It needs some time to grow, but I think it's going to look cool. No inhabitants now except CUC. It does have a CO2 system on it and I'm dosing it with plant fuel two from FAF. The codium is a mess in this pic. I tamed it some with a few zip ties. alt="">...