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    ID help please.

    Wife is thinking this is aiptasa. I’ve been away from a tank too long, help appreciated. 
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    I’m back!

    After much work by the forum Admins to revive my 8 year dormant account, and a trip across the Lake Lewisville toll bridge to buy a reef system.... I’m back in the game. I’ll go pick up my 72 Bow Saturday. 
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    Live rock-cycle-and corals?

    First the build up then the question. 1. I have a 125 reef with about 100lbs of live rock. I'll be pulling it all out today to catch my fish to quarantine the ICK out break. I still have inverts and corals, as well as 2 anemone's. 2. I have an additional 100lbs of live rock in a Rubbermaid...
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    Terrible anniversary 4-13-09 Lost more to ICK

    Well my tank was doing great for a few months even though the wife and I rushed in a little fast on stocking livestock. All my parameters are still great, but we bought 3 Lyrtail Anthias last weekend at the big sale. Got them home, acclimated them, got them swimming, all was great. Two days...
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    Tank gets too hot/LED lighting for corals????

    I currently have a 125 gallon display with 4x 96w PC atentics 2x 175w 14k MH, and 1x 250w 14k MH. The heat in the tank is bad. My chiller is working to death. Could I replace my MH with LED's and still keep my corals healthy. Thanks, Matt
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    Need Ideas for a refugium

    I'm setting up a 125 gallon single overflow with an "in sump" skimmer and a mag 9.5 for return pump. I have no idea how to plumb this to include a fug. Please help, Thanks team! 8)
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    Help with a display refugium. Please

    I have a 70 gallon main display with HOB overflow and a small wet dry set up w/small skimmer now. My plan is for a 29gallon show refugium with HOB overflow to share a common larger sump(1 sump 2 tanks 1 system)and a larger skimmer. So far I have acquired: 1 large sealife skimmer, 1 mag3, 1...
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    Pulverized limestone Please weight in!

    I've got my 70 gallon going with 70+lbs live rock, and water circulating, I planned on using pulverized limestone mixed with the live sand from my 29 gallon(approx 3in bed in the 29) for substrate. Suggestions, criticism
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    Is my nem dieing? Please give me some advise!

    Is my nem dieing? He has been shriveled up for over a week. I've had my water tested, all is good. My other nem is doing Great, But the Bubble tip is looking BAD. Yesterday I got up it looked much better, started to fill back out, and move around. I went and did my normal running around, had my...
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    setting up a skimmer?????

    Ihave a wet/dry and asealife skimmer I'm trying to set up. Can someone help? Everything seams easy, but it has a peice of white piping and a 90deg pvc fitting on the end. What does it do? Thanks All
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    Keeping corals??? New to the salt world.

    I have a 29 gallon with a fluval 304 and poor lighting, what is the min. lighting I should have to keep corals? Is my filtration enough? Thanks for your help! I had some livestock given to me this week, and this is my first time dealing with salt, so any pointers are welcome.
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    fresh water (non-salt) Puffer fish for my son

    My son baddly wants a puffer fish. My questions are how big do they get/min. tank size, and what other fish go well with them? Pics and all info welcomed. Thank you