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    LFS - Back in dfw after 10 yrs

    What are the good lfs's now days?Prefer mid cities locations Thanks! JP
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    Reef Crystals Disappoints

    Normally I use Red Sea Coral Pro for my LPS tank and KZ Reefer's Salt for the SPS, but I've heard good things on Reef Crystals so when DFS had a sale I bought 2 buckets for like 60 bucks shipped. Pop'd one open and toke a full range of measurements with it and got... PH 8.3 Calc 350ppm Alk...
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    PrangeWay's AquaPod 24

    Just an overall tank pict. I'll post a few zoom ones at some point. Maybe a few more picts when I actually add a fish to it. Basically every coral in this tank has some sortof "sentimental" value, and there is no way they'd live in my SPS tank so I stuck them in the Aquapod, and everything...
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    PH and Open Windows

    Through the summer the PH on my tank was 8.19-8.0 (at night). No big deal, but not ideal. Last night the window next to the tank was left open because of how nice it is out at nights lately and behold the PH this morning was 8.17 Just thought I'd share that for anyone who has a little lower...
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    Tank Drilling

    What LFS drill tanks at good price, that you've had a good experience with? (anything central metroplex is good). PW
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    DT's Oyster Eggs

    Anyone know of a lfs that stocks these? (Anything near Forth Worth or Grapevine works great). Danke
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    A few shots of PrangeWay's tank.

    Updated Tank Shot 04-08-07, 2nd page Just a handful of shots from my tank. Coming along nicely so far... Overhead shot of some SPS. New frag is a fireside from F&S, won't move off the plug till it's happy and growing. alt=""> Top zoom of the slimer (a perty green) alt=""> Front shot of...
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    Blue Tuxedo Urchin

    Anyone seen these available at any of the local LFS? I've been looking to pick on up for a bit now, but haven't had much luck locating one. Viellen Dank, PW
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    CO2 Refills

    Where in the Fort Worth / Grapevine / surrounding area are people getting their CO2 tanks refilled? And what's the cost? Thanks, PW
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    Lfs for fish/shrimp - Where to go?

    [I want to pick up a Sailfin (Algae) Blenny and a real Peppermint (Lysmata wurdemanni) Shrimp this Saturday. Which LFS (ideally a reasonable drive from Southlake) would have these in stock? I just moved down here a few weeks ago and still haven't figure out which LFS's are good for what...