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  1. Tintran49

    WTB: Soft Corals (North DFW Area)

    Looking for some easy soft corals for a tank that won't be the center of attention, would love colonies but frags are fine also. Please let me know what you have and I will probably come by and get it from ya. Preferably the north DFW area please, unless it's a deal I can't pass up. Thanks!
  2. Tintran49

    Coralife uv sterilizer dangers

    Wow good to know, I was gonna get one and plumb it into my set up, might have to go with a pentair instead.
  3. Tintran49

    120G Tank, Stand, Canopy, Sump LED lights

    Messaged you about some information on it.
  4. Tintran49

    AI Prime, Aquamaxx

    (2) - AI Prime non hd with mounting arms SOLD (2) - AI Prime hanging kits, never hung. $20 each. (1) - Ecotech RMS arm with xr15 and xr30 mounting brackets. $60 (1) - Aquamaxx hob protein skimmer. SOLD (1) - Lifegard 10 gallon AIO, comes with return pump. $100 (1) - Fluval Spec V no return pump...
  5. Tintran49

    Water Storage Container

    It's that time. I'm fed up with carrying 5 gallon jugs around, where do you guys get your containers at locally? I'm looking to get a small station set up, around 25-35 gallon would be perfect for me. Thank you in advance for any leads on where I can get these containers.
  6. Tintran49

    lots of stuff to sell

    Great seller don't be scared to buy anything!
  7. Tintran49

    lots of stuff to sell

    Going to pm you about a couple of things!