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  1. Crotalus

    Zoas closed melting

    I couldn't keep Zoas for years, then I suddenly could. They were growing fast enough to sell frags. Now, about 4 months ago, they suddenly closed up and started wasting away. I thought it was the asterina stars. I've removed them all. The only other thing that has changed is the palythoas...
  2. Crotalus


    One more Email from Steve. He said they went to the QR code to make sure his employees didn't enter the 9 digit code (right on the side of the sample bottle) incorrectly. I won't install the App, he refuses to enter the code.
  3. Crotalus

    Roller Mat Filters

    My Klir was advancing the roll too early. I fixed that by turning the unit so the sensor was on the downstream side and I put a chunk of very coarse foam between the filter and the return to smooth out the waves.
  4. Crotalus


    I just got a reply from: Steve Visser ICP-Analysis.Com Steve@Icp-Analysis.Com 6950 W Jefferson Ave Suite 200 Lakewood, CO 80235 He told me the changes were made 5 months ago and invited me to send my samples to Germany and get inferior results. I told him he just wanted to send Ads to my phone...
  5. Crotalus

    Roller Mat Filters

    The Klir has the highest listed flow. Unfortunately the filter sock holes in my Trigger Sump are oval, not round, so it and the sock plugs wouldn't fit. I made a mounting plate. The unit works very well. Three months betwen roll changes is about right. The only downside it sometimes some...
  6. Crotalus


    I recently purchased an ICP analysis. What a nightmare. They have completely changed the procedure from the what it was before. To start with, I am very particular about installing Apps on my phone. I try very hard to keep it to a minimum. No Twitter, no Facebook, no Instagram, no TikTok. I...
  7. Crotalus

    I though pyramid butterflys would be peaceful

    I added 4 Pyramid butterflys to my tank. One died due to a punctured mouth. The others are intimidating each other right next to my long spined urchin. They are trying to kill each other against the urchin. I'm shocked. I see lots of tanks with multiple butterlys. I thought a 215 gallon...
  8. Crotalus

    Something inside my Hammer.

    This hammer looks fine when the lights are on.  Last night I happened  to notice something growing on the skeleton between the heads.  Some are pineapple sponges, but the tentacle thing is weird.
  9. Crotalus

    Pineapple Sponge request

    My wife works in a biology lab at SMU.  Last year she grabbed a bunch of Pineapple sponges out of my tank for the students to study.  They are in the textbooks.Now they have all but disappeared and been replaced by round sponges.Does anyone have some pineapples that I can harvest for the...
  10. Crotalus


    I spotted a few in the overflow, then noticed several in the sump.  I know there are pineapples everywhere, but this is something new.  It's about the size of a pencil eraser.   Kinda bagel shaped.
  11. Crotalus

    New Copper Butterfly

    I've lost a couple in the past because they refused to eat. This one ate like a pig in quarantine, so I put him in the display. He immediately started eating the spaghetti worms in the sand. This is great because their numbers were increasing and I had no idea what predator to get. What a...
  12. Crotalus


    Has anyone tried this algae treatment?  Reviews look good, but it sounds too good to be true. One person reported a nitrate spike,which is logical, but others aren't seeing it.
  13. Crotalus

    Vodka dosing?

    Dosing vodka supposedly increases bacteria growth that can be removed by your skimmer, thereby removing nitrates?Anyone tried it? 
  14. Crotalus

    Man Postpones Retirement to Save Reefs After He Accidentally Discovers How to Make Coral Grow 40 Times Faster
  15. Crotalus


    My wife brought home 20 pincushion urchins from school.  I sold 10 to a LFS.  I put the rest in my tank.  They are great at eating algae.  They clean rocks and glass even better than snails. The downside is they are like little tanks.  They grab anything that isn't nailed down and use it for...
  16. Crotalus

    I just found this free floating

    This little coral is just floating around, about the size of a quarter.  Transparent green arms with blue tips.  It looks like a frogspawn that died on me months ago.  Should I let it land somewhere on it's own?  It doesn't seem to have a discernible top or bottom.
  17. Crotalus

    Maxspect Gyre

    I'm looking for a used pump only.  No controller. Either a 230 or 250.ThanksMark
  18. Crotalus

    Polyp identy?

    Has anyone seen these before?  They are dime sized.