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    FS - Hammer Corals (SOLD)

    Do you have any 3 head frags on a small rock not a plug?
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    PNW CUSTOM micro tank setup

    Perfect thanks.
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    PNW CUSTOM micro tank setup

    Id like to get it but cant make it out there until next Saturday
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    PNW CUSTOM micro tank setup

    Do you still have? Are you gong to be at the frag swap?
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    Scott do you still have the PNW 40 oz tank? Are you going to be at the frag swap?

    Scott do you still have the PNW 40 oz tank? Are you going to be at the frag swap?
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    Pre-Arrange Trades/Swaps/Sales for Mini Frag Swap Spring Event Sat March 18

    I'm looking for some stuff to help put color in my tank. I have some green but need some more. and something that is easy to care for.
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    Looking for Dragons breath

    Looking for some dragons breath to put in display of tank.
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    Home for clowns

    Let me know when they are ready to sale. Do you know how much you will charge?
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    Fluval EVO 13.5

    Got some color to the tank this weekend. The fire fish found a cave and has just been hanging out. He comes ot to look around but goes right back in.
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    Fluval EVO 13.5

    And so it begins after a a 10 year hiatus from the hobby. I start over with this Nano tank and will not DIY it to please the wife. I may upgrade to the intank Media baskets though. This morning the Water was crystal clear.
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    Live Rock vendors in DFW area

    No problem I'm in the same boat. I just got a tank in yesterday after years out of the hobby. got some dead rock and live sand but now fo try and find some seader live rock.
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    Live Rock vendors in DFW area

    Hey Murry I was in Pet Village in Duncanville the other day and the PetCo in Midlothian they both were selling live rock.
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    What ceiling mount?

    What ceiling mount should I use to hand my new Radion G2 LED. It will be for a single unit above a 20g tank. will a toggle bolt ans eye hook work?
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    RODI filter white plastic broke

    I just got my RODI filter system and one of the filters are cracked on the top. It's the filter it's spelt not the clear plastic chamber. Is it ok to use. alt="">
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    Float valve

    Is there any place locally to buy a PVC Mini Adjustable Float Valve?? I am getting an RODI and want to make a storage container for my top off water. and I want the water to auto stop filling the container.
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    Help ID please

    Can anyone help ID this. Do you think it could be nudibranch eggs?? alt="">
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    Split Sumps

    Does anyone have any thoughts on Split sumps? I have a 20H that currently has an AC 70 on it. I would like to do a sump. But the space I have to put the sump can fit 3 5.5g tanks. I am just wondering how to set it up. Any thoughts??? I do not feel comfortable building my own Acrylic tank for a...
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    What blennie to get?

    I am trying to figure out what type of blennie to get to help with algae control in my 20 gallon reef tank. Does any one have any suggestions? I know a law mower belemnites but I want something with a little mor color.
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    Mollies for algae control

    I was wondering if anyone has ever used mollies for algae control as part of a clean up crew? If so what type of mollies are the best?
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    Led USA

    Has anyone ever done and DIY Leds from LED USe they are on 35w in Dallas.