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    Large +6" Emperor Angel

    Any sides or just a la carte? Jk pretty fish!
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    (Sold) Kessil H80 Refugium light

    Selling kessil H80 refugium light with gooseneck mount. Less than 1 year use. Located in Fort Worth, 76126. Also willing to ship at cost. $90. Sold. Open to trades for corals or equipment.
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    Wtb small tank setup 40-60 gallons

    I’d be interested in this too. What brand is it? Any pics?
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    WTB Pectinia

    Anyone have some Pectinia frags? Looking for space invader but open to other color morphs.
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    Testing Supplies and other Suppies

    I’ll take the copper Hanna
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    Colorado sun burst or Chicago sunburst. They are 2 of the more sought after “name brand” color morphs of bubble tip anemones
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    After 20 years... Getting Out of the hobby. Fire sale.

    Do you have a picture of the full tank?
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    Wtb 60g cube tank or 24x24 footprint

    Hoping they find this post!
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    Breaking Down Tank. Coral and Rock First

    Where are you located?
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    Wtb 60g cube tank or 24x24 footprint

    I’ll probably give it a few more days to see if anyone has one, but I may take you up on that! Thanks
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    Wtb 60g cube tank or 24x24 footprint

    I thought about it, but the general consensus online seems it’s more work than it’s worth. Did you use any special tools?
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    Wtb 60g cube tank or 24x24 footprint

    I am looking for a 60g cube in good condition. Built my setup around a 60g cube I got used, and I’m starting to get worried about one of the seams. If you have a 24x24 footprint tank in good condition, I’d be interested. Thanks!
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    Fan needed for radion xr-30 gen 1

    Sure, let me know how it goes!
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    Fan needed for radion xr-30 gen 1

    Disclaimer, I don't have an xr-30 and haven't replaced the fan in one, but fans are pretty simple. And ecotech for sure didn't design a custom fan for the gen 1 xr30. Looks like it is a 80x80x15mm 12v standard pc fan. You can get those on amazon for cheap. Only thing that may be different is...
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    40b + stand and misc. aquarium equipment

    Is the tank drilled? How did you overflow to the sump?
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    LED Light Ballast

    I’ll take them drex. Can pick them up when I get the par meter sometime soon. Edit: I did some research and these are too powerful for my t5’s. I won’t be able to use these, so unfortunately cannot take them. Thanks drex
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    (SOLD) Varios 2, kessil 360we, kessil spectral x controller

    Varios sold. Light still available.
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    Looking for beginner sps

    Thanks for the responses everyone! Took @IowaKGB up on some great looking frags for a deal. He and his wife were super nice and very generous to a new reefer like me. 10/10. Thanks again nick! (My bad pics don’t do these justice!)
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    250 Build!!!!! HOOOOO!!!

    Nice! Interested to see how it turns out. Even with 4 fish in my 60g, I’ve been having to dose nitrates and phosphates to keep up with the consumption of the gha. Trying to deter Dinos and Cyano is a bigger concern than the rolling hills of gha im cultivating at the moment.