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  1. IowaKGB

    WTB soft corals

    I have some large green toadstools. Send me a pm if you’re interested. Thanks and good luck!
  2. IowaKGB

    What salt to buy

    I use the Fritz RPM blue box. Mixes clear pretty quickly and is available at most LFS in the DFW area, so it’s easy to grab in a pinch. I think that’s one of the more important things to consider. Get a brand your LFS stocks. You don’t want to be in a situation where you need to do an...
  3. IowaKGB

    Looking for some soft coral frags!

    I have some pretty good sized green toadstools. Send me a PM if interested.
  4. IowaKGB

    New club member

    Welcome and looking forward to meeting you!
  5. IowaKGB

    2x 40 Breeder system

    PM sent.
  6. IowaKGB

    Dragon Soul Torch and Orange Hammers

    His dragon souls are nice! Got one awhile back. It’s grown a lot and really looks great in the tank. Thanks again!
  7. IowaKGB

    Frag Swap 2023 - August 5th Arlington (volunteer sign-up thread)

    My wife (Kelly) said she will also volunteer to help with the Bag & Grab table. She might have to work that morning so has asked to be a tentative as she might be a little late.
  8. IowaKGB

    ICP Testing saved my reef

    Wow! I hope that was the culprit and good find!
  9. IowaKGB

    Monti Cap

    Sent a PM.
  10. IowaKGB

    Help in removing Kenya Tree infestation!

    Could you cut / scrape as much as possible off, then cover what’s left on the rock with coral putty to seal over it? Would only want to do a small amount at a time as the putty could foul your water. But that might work. Then you could come back later and break off the putty to get your rock...
  11. IowaKGB

    Looking for beginner sps

    Glad we were able to help each other out! It was nice to meet you and your wife and hope to see you again soon!
  12. IowaKGB

    Looking for beginner sps

    Sent you a pm.
  13. IowaKGB

    Looking for rock

    Frank’s Tanks in Fort Worth was running a sale over the weekend at $5 lb. I got a Email, so not sure what’s left but thought I’d throw that out there.
  14. IowaKGB

    WTB: Soft Corals (North DFW Area)

    I have some good sized green toadstool. Feel free to send me a pm if interested.
  15. IowaKGB

    New Member, New Aquarium

  16. IowaKGB

    Pre-Arrange Trades/Swaps/Sales for Mini Frag Swap Spring Event Sat March 18

    If anyone is looking to trade or buy let me know and I can meet you at the show. If interested PM and I can send pic if wanted and we can make arrangements. I have: Starburst Montipora Mystic Montipora Seasons greetings Montipora Didn’t get a name when I bought it but pretty sure it’s a...
  17. IowaKGB

    Finally! Baby Clownfish

    Awesome!! Congrats and good job! Thank you for sharing the stages. Very interesting to watch.