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  1. J

    Alveopora Critter?

    Does anyone know what this is sticking out of our Alveopora? My gut feeling is to cut off and superglue it closed.
  2. J

    250 Build!!!!! HOOOOO!!!

    Looking great!
  3. J

    JRM’s Cade Reef 900 S2 Build

    We found a mantis shrimp that’s about an inch and a half long. We aren’t sure if this is the one taking the fish out but they’ve all been next to or in where the mantis resides.
  4. J

    JRM’s Cade Reef 900 S2 Build

    Everything seems to be moving forward nicely except for our rock work. We bought some larger colonies and found out that we did a horrible job of epoxying our rock together. We’ll be redoing our rock work and cutting up some of the acro colonies this week / next weekend. I still need to organize...
  5. J

    Local Copepod Source

    I had a Mandarin but there’s a nasty in my tank that is taking out fish but still have a sixline wrasse and fox face for now. Take this with a grain of salt as I’m still new to this but depending on the age of the tank, an area with no predators and lots of crevices surface area I would think...
  6. J

    Pre-Arrange Trades/Swaps/Sales for Mini Frag Swap Spring Event Sat March 18

    Would you please put me down for (1) Bill Murray and (1) Oregon Tort?
  7. J

    Local Copepod Source

    We add Dinkins Copepods & Rotifers monthly and dose Phyto daily.
  8. J

    (11) 20T & (1) 20L

    These are sold, thanks!
  9. J

    (11) 20T & (1) 20L

    We have (11) 20G tall and (1) 20G Long aquariums that we’d like to get $100.00 or possible trade. They’re new and were bought during the dollar per gallon sale. They’ve been stored in the garage for about 2.5 years.
  10. J

    JRM’s Cade Reef 900 S2 Build

    The ICP results were very similar to the previous results. Iodine is almost nonexistent so I may try to add a little and see what happens. All of the corals look to be fine and are growing. On a side note I think there’s something taking out my fish or they’re all getting stuck in the same...
  11. J

    Tampa Bay SW lie rock/sand

    I haven’t used Tampa Bay live rock but have used KP Aquatics LR. I have been happy overall with it but it did / does have hitchhikers. If you would like to see what the rock looks like there are pictures on my build thread.
  12. J

    JRM’s Cade Reef 900 S2 Build

    Thought I’d share a photo Michelle took this morning from the left side. Everything seems to be doing well so far. I’m just waiting for the other foo to drop 😂. Sent in another ICP test and will share the results / comparison later this weekend.
  13. J

    ID Please on Live Rock