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    New Build - 150 G, Triton Method, Pod Reactors

    Hi all,  Likely my first post here. I was active as a reefer in NJ, and am still part of NJReefers, went to the MACNA in Atlantic City, NJ during the time. But had exited the hobby for a while.  Thinking of very seriously entering the hobby and have indentified the following items to get going...
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    Any Sponge keepers in the house?

    I am really keen to keep sponges in my (yet to be constructed) 55 gallon tank. I am looking for sponge species that are hardy and preferably grow fast. They will live with a bunch of cleaner snails, rock and sand. I do not plan to keep any other coral or fish with the sponges. Will really...
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    My name is gogol and I am an addict

    Howdy all, [smilie=hi.gif] I am currently studying in Barcelona but will return to my home in Plano this December. My addiction has led me to imagine, design and research a reef system for every waking moment of this summer. I have maintained a nano (40g) LPS-softy tank for 4 years. Currently...