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    20 years ago today

    Not sure when I joined the club but I moved here in 2000. I think I got a tank set back up in 2001. Probably found the club around the same time but can't remember. I do remember going to club meetings at some of the LFS. Biggest change IMO is the influx of people with money into the...
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    What salt to buy

    It is best to decide what you want to keep your parameters at and then choose a salt that best matches those parameters. It makes keeping those parameters in check a lot easier. Most salt manufacturers list what their salt should mix at parameter wise. Some manufacturers make more than 1...
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    Tank Breakdown Sale

    He hasn't been on in over 4 months so I'm guessing everything is gone.
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    scolys fragging step-by-step

    Well it was actually older than I thought. The thread is from 2013. I'm assuming I can post a link to it on R2R. If not, mods please delete the link.
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    Local Copepod Source

    The pod business has really taken off the last few years. I would never spend that kind of money on them but I know people that buy a $30 to $40 jar every month or so.
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    Local Copepod Source

    I haven't seen any in a long time. Dinkins is local but they are doing theirs as a business. They will be at the mini frag swap this weekend, so if you drop by they may have some deals going on.
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    scolys fragging step-by-step

    This actually isn't something new. Scott Feldman wrote about this probably 5 or 6 years ago. He actually was putting 2 different ones together hoping they would grow into 1. As far as I know, that part was never successful. From what I've read, it can take a long time for them to grow...
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    sexy shrimp experiences

    My son has 2 in his 11 gallon tank. He has several different mushrooms and zoas. Also has a duncan as the lone LPS. He has had them for several months with no issues. He doesn't spot feed them and he has never seen them actually eat. They mainly hang out on the florida ricordia.
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    Live Rock vendors in DFW area

    If it were me, I would just buy a few larger pieces of dead rock and then seed it with some rubble live rock. I know AquaStudios in The Colony has several different varieties of dead rock. They may also have some smaller pieces of live rock they would sell you. I had forgotten about Petco...
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    Live Rock vendors in DFW area

    You don't really buy "Live" rock anymore. Most is dry rock and you seed it by buying some live rock from someone local. The other option is look for someone selling their livestock and buying their live rock. DNA is the only store I've seen with live rock but I don't really pay attention...
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    Hawaii aquarium fish update: renewed request for a ban

    I've seen posted elsewhere that most of the collectors went out of business so even if they start issuing licenses, it could take a while for the business to get going again, at least from a stand point that it could drive down prices.
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    Torches torches torches

    I can't view the external link. It wants a google password.
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    SOLD - Apex - BNIB - $600

    This is still available. Just please don't try and get me to believe this is the same as the current unit that sells for $599. This one has the orp and salinity probes which are another $300.
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    Two Holes in back of Tank

    I believe they are emergency holes in case the overflow becomes clogged or you forget to top off the tank and the water gets below the overflow.
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    SOLD - Apex - BNIB - $600

    I've got an Apex I got about 1 1/2 years ago and I never opened the box. I ended up just using smart plugs to do what I need. Located in Little Elm. Cash or PP.
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    WOW, now we have 2 major reef shows in the area plus all the local frag swaps!

    I just read that Reef A Palooza was moving their Chicago event to Frisco in 2022.   That means we will have Aquashella in the summer and Reef A Palooza in the fall.   I haven't seen a schedule for the Tyree events but I'm assuming we will have 1 to 2 of them plus the DFWMAS swaps.   This could...
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    Aquashella Dallas

    Surprised this hasn't been posted yet.   Hopefully this is enough time to save up some cash.  Will be cool to see freshwater stuff.
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    Is Indo shut down hurting LFS selection?

    I rarely make it to LFS anymore.   Just too much to do with kid stuff on the weekends.   Is the coral selection down now that Indo has been shut down for a few months?   My understanding is nothing is make it out legally now other than Australian corals and some soft stuff from a few other regions.
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    Have you given up on Mindstream?

    Just curious if anyone here had planned on buying a Mindstream and now will buy something else or have bought an alk monitor already.  It was out of my price range so I never planned on getting one.   There total lack of marketing skills is amazing.  It is like they are trying their best to look...
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    PSA - Supreme Court says states can now collect sales tax on online transactions

    I'm sure most people saw that the supreme court shot down their previous rule that a state could only collect sales tax thru companies that had a presence in their state.   They make it sound like this is a big win for Best Buy and others like that but really the big winner is Amazon.So if you...