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    Digital member cards!

    Hi DFWMAS users, check out our latest work:If you are a member, do not miss it for nothing!Happy Reefing!Emasis Software
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    Special of the month!

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    Glass Aquatics CoralWear Clothing Giveaway!

    Our dear friends from Glass Aquatics have a great surprise for us this month; their new and improved website is to be released this April!Follow them for great giveaways, discounts and a great selection of dry/live goods from their website and the ReefTrace Live App!  This month get in the...
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    Parameter Guide for the Marine Aquarium.

    ReefTrace Live is proud to bring to the reefer community another great educational tool .Reef enthusiast constantly wonder what are the ideal water parameters for their marine tank; with so much resources invested in making sure corals, fish, invertebrates, bacteria and macro algae thrive; it is...
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    Blue Life USA Holiday Pack GIVEAWAY!

    [Hi DFWMAS users.][Blue Life USA Holiday Pack GIVEAWAY!][Our Dear friends from Blue Life USA are giving away 12 Holiday packs!!! There will be 3 winners per week for 4 weeks! ]Learn more
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    Aqua FX Christmas Giveaway!

    [Hi DFWMAS users,]Our dear friends from Aqua FX have a great surprise for us this Christmas!!Participate for a chance to win the Aqua FX Booster pump 100 GPD for your RO/DI unit! []Learn more
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    Forum - New Shortcuts

    Hi DFWMAS users,We have added "Activity", "Unread", "New Topics" and "Recent Posts" shortcuts so you can navigate faster in the forum. Happy Reefing!Emasis Software
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    Forum - New post action buttons

    Hi DFWMAS users,We have updated the forum system and three new actions buttons were added to the post information.Profile, Activity and Subscriptions buttons are below the username. Happy Reefing!Emasis Software
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    Forum Performance

    Dear DFWMAS Users,We have fixed most of the performance issues with the server, we're sorry for the inconvenience.We'll keep working on improving the new site. Happy ReefingEmasis Software
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    Website - Attachments’ update

    Dear DFWMAS users,We have made a few updates to the website:The size for all attachments now is limited to 10Mb for each user but each image will be optimized before upload to 640px width. This change allow to upload 90+ images per user.The LFS map has been updated with latest...
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    Website Update - New PM this user Feature

    Dear DFWMAS users,?We have updated the website to allow users to click on PM this user from the [PM Directory ] page and [User Profile ] page.?With these enhancements you should have an easy way to contact a DFWMAS user fast and easy;?The PM Module also allows you to send multiple images one...
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    Website Update - New Announcement Window Feature

    We have added to the DFWMAS website; the capability to display important announcements via a screen overlay.Once you login in to your account you will only need to close the announcement once and it won't appear again unless the date of such event is approaching and/or we submit the...
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    Website Update - New FAQ Questions Feature

    Dear DFWMAS Users,We have added updated questions to the FAQ area; these questions will guide you trough all steps necessary for you to update your profile.The FAQ section can be found by clicking the About menu item; FAQ is a subcategory.Happy Reefing!
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    Website Update - New PM Notification Feature

    Dear users,As proud sponsors of the Dallas/Fort Worth Marine Aquarium Society (DFWMAS ); we would like to announce the latest feature added to the Society's [].We added a "New PM Notification" located at the top right corner in your device; you will be able to click on it...