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    Photo of the Month - April 2023 - VOTE HERE APRIL 2023 - Contest (everyone voting)

    I love top-down shots and macro shots but I'm going to vote for #3.
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    Photo of the Month - March 2023 - VOTE HERE March 2023 - Contest (everyone voting)

    I like number one. It's a nice combination of corals and fish
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    Photo of the Month - February 2023 - VOTE HERE Feb 2023 - Contest (everyone voting)

    The baby clowns are cool but I have to join the crowd in voting for number one
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    What alkalinity booster is best

    I've been trying to bring my alkalinity levels up using Seachem's Reef Builder but it's been slow going. What product do you use?
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    Bristletail filefish

    My bristletail does a good job keeping the aiptasia population in check. Unfortunately he also picks on a lot of other things, sometimes unwantedly so, like my sea-urchin. Here's a shot of him(?) grabbing a bristle worm although the lurking hawkfish snatched it from him a second later.  I was...
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    Free Chaeto

    I've got two 1 quart bags of chaetomorpha algae that are free to the first persons to come get them which means no, I won't hold them for you. The only restrictions are 1 bag per person and you can't resell them. Also I'm an extreme night owl so you can call/come by as late as midnight but if...
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    Pincushion sea urchin source?

    After losing my yellow tang and foxface to a power outage I now have a serious hair algae problem. Does anyone know an lfs with pincushion Sea urchins in stock? TIA
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    Best bio-blocks?

    Any recommendations on the best type of bio-blocks or similar filter media to use in my sump? I've always just used reef-rubble in the past.
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    Suggestion for feeding picky eaters

    My new pair of Bangai cardinals doesn't seem to want to eat. I've tried flake, frozen mysis and brine shrimp but so far they've turned up their noses at everything. Does anyone know where I can buy some live brine? Or have any tips on getting them to eat?
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    I needo some chaeto!

    It's time to fire up my new 'fuge and after the caulerpa taxifolia in my little tank just went sexual on me, I thought I'd give chaeto a try. I'm willing to beg, borrow, buy, trade or steal and I'm in the Irving area. Thanks in advance.I'd also like to add some biodiversity to my sandbed. I use...
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    With a LOT of help from my friends, ChrisCurtis's 110 starts over

    Thanks to Steve & Mary & Billy & Mike & Ben & Marc & all of the BOD my 110 is back on its stand.
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    Tank collapse

    My tank just failed catastrophically - a lower edge gave way and dumped 100+ gallons on the floor. I'm in a wheelchair and am unable to do much physically. What are my options for cleanup? My LFS isn't open yet. A few corals may be saveable still (an hour later). Any advice? My address is 1902...
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    Blue light special?

    Is it just me or is anyone else bothered by the trend to post pictures of corals/reef tanks with just the blue lights on? I only run my blues alone for a couple of hours a day so most of the time the whites predominate and that's what I want to see before I buy. But online and at recent frag...
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    Best clown food

    What do you all feed your clowns? I've had a pair of false percula for about 12 years (well one of them anyway). And while they laid eggs and all when their anemone was available, I always feel like I'm being kind of negligent in what I feed them - TetraMarin Saltwater Flakes. Lately it seems...
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    Great Barrier Reef Article
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    My new rbta - picture

    Thanks to George, I've got a new rbta for my clowns. They've been a bit freaked out since their old host died so I'm hoping this will settle them down and maybe they'll even go back to spawning. They haven't found the new guy yet but that's okay since he's still pretty small.