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    Large equipment for sale

    I have the following available for sale in McKinney:2 x American DJ Pc-100A Rack Mount Power Switcher $20.00 each10 buckets x Tropic Eden Reefflakes Aragonite Sand $100.00~350 lbs of KB-Rock Premium Reef Rock (live and circulating) $1.50 per lb2 x Reeflo Snapper/Dart Super Gold Pumps (one for...
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    Selling my 400g tank, stand and sump

    I have the tank empty and ready to be moved.  I would like to sell all 3 together as they are a good setup.  The stand is a custom black powder coated steal stand without any center legs to get in your way.  The sump is a Melev's Reef 125g sump.  The tank is a Marineland DD 400g with end oveflow...
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    Selling my Marineland 400g and all livestock

    The time has come to upgrade to a newer home and sadly the aquarium will not be coming with us.  I will need this to move quickly so it will be priced to sell.  I will try and sell it all together for a bit and then start to part it out with livestock first if it doesn't sale.  Below is most of...
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    WTB: Beginner (meaning hardy) SPS frags

    Well, that time has come to try out some SPS frags again and see if all I needed was time.  I noticed the other day that a frag of sunset monti had started to polyp up again after being (what I thought was dead) dormant for about a year.  The wife and baby are away visiting family, so I have 2...
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    Circuit Breaker issue

    When I added my 1 HP chiller a couple of years ago, I didn't have a dedicated circuit to run it off of and did wanted to share with the tank because I knew it would over power it.  I opted to share with my living room which works great most of the time.  The problem is when the chiller is...
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    Help! Ants in auto feeder!

    I guess our mild winter has really helped our ant population and now they are searching for food!  They have discovered my Eheim auto feeder sitting on top of my tank!  I know spraying ant killer up there would not be a good idea, so I am not sure what to do about it.  I have been afraid to hire...
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    Strange lightning organism on glass

    Last night I glanced at my tank and saw what looked like a crack in my glass. ?I had just had a party the night before and was worried. ?I went over to investigate and instead saw a branching, lightning bold looking organism growing down from the top of the glass. ?It took up about the space of...
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    Tank builds

    I don't agree with the idea that we have 60 days to move content from the old forum. ?I have a huge build thread that took me a long time to create and it is not an easy task to move it over. ?It would be nice if there was a simple import feature, or if all the old forums could be in an archived...
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    Not jump to the end

    When I click a post to read it, it would be nice to not jump to the end so that I have to scroll up each time. ?It seems to treat everything as though I just want to comment without reading, or am I missing something?
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    Getting a lot of Not Found

    While trying to click links to posts, I get a lot of redirects to Not Found. ?Just wanted to make a note of this for the admin.
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    Fin rot on Powder Blue?

    Just noticed this today. Any ideas? IMG_20160311_181606.jpg Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Eric's 400g Marineland Reef Tank Build

    I will start by saying that this build all started end of February 2013! I was too busy working on this in the little bit of spare time that I had to take pictures and document the entire build. Some of you might recognize this tank as the one Marc (melev) sold when he had a leak and...