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    Using a Sea Swirl to feed my tank

    Several months ago, I stopped thawing frozen food in a cup and using a turkey baster to spread food around the tank. Now I simply drop a frozen cube in the return section of the sump and as it thaws, it sinks and gets sucked in to the return pump. Having a Sea Swirl on my return means this food...
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    Free sand! Little Elm & Allen

    I have about 30 gallons of aragonite sand available for free. I am in Allen (75 & Bethany) 8-5ish then in Little Elm (Eldorado near the Hydrous water park/Hula Hut). The sand is absolutely free and you can have as much of it as you want, but you must bring your own containers to take it in. You...
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    Free 40 gallon breeder with glass top and lights - limited time offer

    I have a 40 gallon breeder with the glass top, a Coralife 36" T5HO two bulb light with bulbs, and an extra set of bulbs. I am cleaning out my garage tonight and tomorrow and this must go away. I can bring it to the DFWMAS meeting tomorrow evening (Wednesday, Oct. 10th) to hand it over. If I...
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    Strawberry crab is shy [video]

    I saw the strawberry crab the other day for the first time in over 8 months. Saw him again tonight... for a moment. picture is from February after I'd had him about a month.
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    New topics show "Unapproved"

    My last couple of topics have been this way and I have clicked on numerous topics lately that appear to be in the same boat. Do all new topics need to be approved now?It is frustrating getting 404 Not Found errors for links shared to me by facebook because the topics are not approved. Can the...
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    Deep 180 Gallon tank & stand for sale

    Tank outside dimensions are 60.5" wide, 30.5" deep, and 25.25" tall. Stand is 32" tall with 4 front doors and doors on both ends. End doors are 19.5" wide x 22.5" tall. Glass tops are included along with bulkheads and various plumbing parts. Silicon is clean and looks good. There are some minor...
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    Free feather caulerpa in Little Elm or Allen

    I need to prune my remote refugium again. Anyone want any of this feather caulerpa before I toss it?I can bring it to work with me in Allen Mon-Fri 8-4 or you can come to Little Elm in the evening.
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    Does anyone have any experience about DAS DECO Reef Aquariums?

    I am looking at ordering one from DAS this summer, but was curious if anyone has any experience with them or concerns I should know about. I love the canopy, ghost overflow, and steel stand - which is what drew me to this, but haven't seen or heard about these before. Any insight is greatly...
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    Blue water camera filter

    I picked up this go pro blue water camera filter a while back on a clearance rack and finally tried it tonight. The results impressed me. I'm going to try this out some more this week when only the blue lights are on. Anyone ever used something like this before?The first photo is without the...
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    Petco $1/gallon sale - with a twist

    For the month of April, they are doing the typical dollar per gallon sale for the smaller tanks, but only 50% off on the 40 breeder, 55, and 75 gallon tanks. That makes the 40 breeder $50 and the 55 gallon $60. I do not know what they sell the 75 for nor have ever seen one in stock.
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    Plan to eradicate ich

    I will be combining two current 75 gallon mixed reefs in to one 180 gallon mixed reef in a few months. Both systems have had ich outbreaks in the past, and while there have been no visible symptoms in 6+ months, I know it is still there and stressing my fish. Out of fairness to the animals, I...
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    Do any local fish stores sell Biota cultured fish?

    Specifically, I'm interested in getting one of their Green Mandarinfish and perhaps a super aiptasia eating Matted Filefish. not these, does anyone local sell captive raised (i.e. eats prepared foods) Mandarinfish/Dragonets?
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    Bug report: links showing "News" page instead of intended content

    I originally thought it was just me or Chrome on my android phone, but it also happens occasionally with Firefox on my windows PC.Sometimes, when clicking a topic/post link on the "recent" lists on the right side of the page - and even once after posting a reply (and the automatic page...
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    Cheato free to members - pick up in Little Elm or Allen

    Quart size bags stuffed are free to members, $10 to non-members.Pick up in Little Elm on weekends and evenings. Pick up in Allen Mon-Fri 9-4. I am willing to meet on my way home.
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    Engineer Goby freaking out.

    Tank is a standard 75 gallon with a 40 gallon breeder sump. System is over 3 years old. Engineer Goby is about 3 years old and 10" long. I added a Powder Blue Tang 5 days ago. Yesterday evening I noticed some spots on the Tang's pectoral fins and started dosing Fritz Parashield. I removed...