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    Control Panel before and after

    Having all the apex modules with wires running all over the place started to get to my OCD nature.Sooooooo Had to do a little remodel. Before ApexControlWall1.jpg Progress Attabox1.jpg Attabox21.jpg
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    ANOTHER AEFW In Tank Try Gone Bad -- UPDATE

    FYI [smilie=clapping.gif] [smilie=clapping.gif]
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    Pic of my favorite piece I brought back from Macna!

    Bit of a tease but I need your attention please. For those of us that had to sit around the house and only ponder thoughts of obtaining that new unseen coral, those that were fortunate enough to get on the big bird and make it to Liberal land, lets see some CANDY!!!!!!! [smilie=clapping.gif]...
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    When we pass---

    So the wife sent me this and not sure if I need to take this as a sign or is this just her poking at me and my hobby? [smilie=worried.gif] [smilie=wait.gif]
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    LASERS 1000 Starfire Build

    Well here we go! Just moved and have finally been able to clear all the equipment and corals from the old house. I have moved them into a temporary setup consisting of a frag tank and a 100 gallon rubbermaid horse trough. The frag tank is completely packed and the 100 gallon is packed with...
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    Bubble Magus near disaster

    Out of town in Pittsburgh and notice on my apex camera a white looking substance under sump. Check all status and good. Call wife and she says that one of the containers that houses the ALK is empty. It appears that the RO tubing split about 1" missing the sump and dumping the entire contents...
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    Neptune releases android app - finally!!
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    New Apex Dashboard Released!

    Then new dashboard has been released in beta version and is really sweet!! Here is link to new update files. Enjoy! I have installed and all is working great now. Setup is much better now. Camera embedded on page is really nice.
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    Apex programming help

    Need help with Apex problem: I have the following program set for my email alarm: Set OFF If Temp > 81.0 Then ON If Temp < 75.5 Then ON If Power EB8_4 Off 010 Then ON If Power EB4_3 Off 010 Then ON If Temp < 70.0 Then ON If Outlet SkimOverflow = ON Then ON If Outlet SumpHWater = ON Then ON If...
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    APex controller setup to internet?

    Need help from the experts. I have been spinning my wheels for 2 days now with no success. I have the APEX and setup on house router. All is working fine and I can communicate with apex and make changes etc. Now I am trying to get on the new URL I created at dyndns but cannot get it to work. I...
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    Apex controller float sensor question

    I am wanting to change my ato over to the apex to be able to receive email alerts if problem arrises. Question is, can i use the PM1 module for the float switches or do you have to get the I/O breakout box. It seems the PM1 module does the same thing and gives you the ability to monitor second...
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    Biopellet and Ozone compatible?

    When running biopellets would ozone kill all the bacteria that the reactor is trying to make?
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    Bubble Algae Control

    I know many people suggest to add Emerald Crabs for bubble algae control but I have had no luck with this in the past. Are there any other methods to try? I am not having luck with manual control and yes I do remove the rocks so that busted bubbles do not release in the tank. Any suggestions?
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    Gas springs

    Anyone know where to get gas springs to help keep open/shut my new inwall canopy. The braces that were originally used collapsed and almost decapated me about 2 weeks ago. The door is just to heavy for them.
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    Vortec Battery Backup

    Anyone have one of these? I just ordered one and it only came with a power cord for the backup unit. How are you supposed to hook it up to the pump/pumps?? :shock:
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    wobbly vortec

    One of my vortecs impellar was wobbling something aweful. I took it out and cleaned it and tightened the bolt to where it did not wobble to the touch and now the wet side is spinning and making a terrible knocking sound. I moved the boot on the dry side from 3/8" to 1/2" and same still happens...
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    I am going to purchase a dehumidifier for the fish room. Anyone out there running one. I am looking to get a small unit, maybe 40pints/day, and low AMP draw. I will require a continuous drain to the sink as well. Any suggestions??
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    I am in the process of plumbing my new 215 and need advice on how to incorporate spaflex tubing into the PVC. Do you just use the same primer and cement just like PVC of is there another way. It seems that the spaflex is pretty difficult to get all the way into the PVC fittings. Please advise..
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    Help moving new tank **Thank You**

    I ordered a new tank from Franks Tanks that is supposed to arrive by Friday of this upcoming week. :shock: I am looking to get some helpers to move the tank from the store to my house which is only about 15 minutes away from Franks. I will have a trailer but not nearly as young as I once was. I...
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    Lance's 215 Build Log

    Finally got the 200 gallon RR acrylic tank I have been wanting. I currently have a 125 DAS that I have modified inwall. I will be taking down the 125 and move it outside the fish room to begin construction of the wall to accomodate the larger tank. ToddLaCo has generously offered for me to...