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    What do you put under your stand?

    I am getting near completion on my new tank build and have a quick question. I have hardwood flooring under the area where the tank will be going and wanting to see what is the best way to protect them? I have a sealed area inside stand...
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    F1SH's 30G Rimless Reef

    Well it has been 3 years since I sold off my last tank which was a 60g Oceanic Cube. I really like the depth that the cube offers while still keeping the overall volume to a more maintainable level. I always regretted selling off my entire setup, and giving away almost all of my misc. fish...
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    Any experience with this powerheads/wavemaker combo?

    I was researching some equipment for a new tank build and came across this product. It seems to have pretty good reviews on Marine Depot. The powerheads look like they are Tunze nanostream knock-offs at a much lower price (especially with current 25% off coupon code). I don't need a ton of...