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    Tank tear-down: Reefer 450

    Do you still have the live rock?
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    Led ratios

    I'm about to order some leds to replace the power compacts in my biocube 29. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what ratio of blue to white, and what temperature of white I should use? Thanks. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 4
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    low ph

    I have a biocube 29. 30 lbs of fiji pink live sand, 30-40lbs live rock(tufa and various other actual live rock pieces, but mostly tufa). I have a pearly jawfish and an ocellaris clown that are new to the tank. My tank was in terrible condition with old lights and the tank was dirty. I...
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    ballasts gone out... replacement?

    I have two 400 watt ballasts that have gone out. I have the housing, etc... just need new ballasts. I saw this on ebay. Will these work...
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    Maroon Clown Eggs

    I have a pair of maroon clowns who have laid eggs. The eggs are almost ready to hatch. My question is, what should I do so they have the best shot at surviving after they hatch? Should I remove them from the main tank before they hatch? They are on an old shell that I could easily remove...
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    sedra vs. other needle wheel pumps.

    I last posted asking the difference between the g4 and g4+ asm skimmers. I've done some reading and the pump that normally comes with these skimmers is a sedra. However, searching on other forums, the users have said that they do not like the sedra pumps because they do not pull enough air...
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    asm g-4 vs. asm g-4+

    The asm g-4 and the g-4+ are the same size. Are the skimmers identical? Is the only difference the size of the pump? I see the g-4 always comes with the sedra 5000 and the g-4+ comes with a secra 9000. I have a g-4 skimmer and I need a new pump. Will the 9000 work on this skimmer?
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    clam with worms(?) attached?

    I've got a teardrop maxima. Last night after the lights had been out for quite a while, I noticed long stringy looking things hanging off of the shell. They look like very thin and frayed white string. It is some sort of worm. Does anyone have any idea what this is and if it's harmful to...
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    diy food in north plano

    I've got several tangs and a few other fish in my 210. I really don't like buying the frozen little cubes from the lfs because the tangs are too big for the little bits that come out of those cubes and I'd like more variety in their diet. I've been searching the asian markets for the uncooked...
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    Restarting overflow- not priming

    I have a 1600 gph cpr external overflow. My problem is every time I turn the pumps off to feed and then turn them back on, the tank will overflow if I don't wiggle the drain pipe. The overflow just starts filling up with water and doesn't drain. I had a piece of pvc pipe with holes drilled...
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    Red Slime in refugium.

    I keep having problems with red slime algae in my refugium. I believe my lighting is at 5500k or something of that nature and it runs from 10pm to 10am the next morning. It seems to be limited to the refugium as the main tank has none in it. Any ideas on how to keep this from occurring...
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    I'm in need of a new canopy. I'm converting the 55 gallon over to my 210 and the canopy on the 210 is not tall enough. I'm going to have 3 x 400 watt mh's on it so I need more clearance than the 6" canopy that was on it. I've considered building one on my own, but I live in an apartment and have...
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    Koralia pumps and wavemakers

    I'm finishing up my 210 reef tank and was contemplating buying two koralia 4's and hooking them up to my read sea wavemaker. Are the koralia pumps ok to use with a wavemaker? Or will all the stopping and starting cause problems? Thanks.
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    Where to get diamond bits for drilling

    I need to get a diamond bit to drill my aquarium. I went to home depot and didn't see any. Where can I buy one. I'm looking to put a 1" bulkhead on my sump. Thanks.
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    lighting on 55 gallon

    I'm setting up a 55 gallon reef tank. I want to get a couple of clams also. I have seen several light systems for sale on ebay. But the only thing I can find in a 48" dimension is 760 watts. That's way too much for my 55 gallon tank. It has two halides, both 250 doubled eneded hqi's...
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    snails secreting

    I've had my 20 gallon reef tank for about a year. It's never had fish, just live rock, a hermit crab, and a couple of snails. Today, I put my first fish into the tank. It's a domino damsel. After I put the damsel into the tank, my two snails climbed to the highest piece of rock they could...