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    ISO 6ft long stand

    I'm searching for a stand for a 72inch long aquarium, 18 inches wide, with two overflow sections......or someone to make me one :-) (I'll pay of course lol)
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    Wanting to buy small Mangrove

    Does anyone have a small mangrove they would like to sell?  I'm in the Coppell to Farmer's Branch area.
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    Building a Seahorse Tank

    So I decided to do it.  Bought a used 30gal....time to slowly build the seahorse tank :-)Got it home last night and cleaned the tank itself....harder work than expected lol, my back is killing me.  Will be going to the lfs today to get replacement cartridges for the hob filter and some ideas for...
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    Zoa Identification

    Hi! It’s me again! Your friendly neighborhood clueless person. So I’ve been scouring the interwebs to try and identify this zoa I got for $10 at a lfs  I can’t find what it may be named  anyone have a clue?  Do I have something new I can slap a fancy dancy name on (bunny foo foo zoa) and charge...
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    Who is this hitchhiker?

    This dude came in with my Utter Chaos zoas. Anyone know who he is and if he’s ok to have in my tank or should I flush him?thank you!Sharena
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    What to do with my nano?

    I have the Fluval Evo 13.5 gal and am at a loss of what to do for coral.  There are so many different choices that I have a difficult time deciding.  Let me know what you all would do and where you would put it :-)  Right now I have a zoa frag of unknown type, an elegance coral (accidental...
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    Will the real Zoa please stand up?

    I see so many different pictures of many different types of Zoas.  For example, Armor of God, Purple People Eater, Utter does one know which one is the actual named zoa, and which ones are mislabeled?  Does it just come with experience?  As one can tell, I'm a bit new to the...