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    using tank transfer method for ich on angel fish and clowns

           i just wanted to share my experience with ttm.  ive never used it before but it seemed like the best way to rid yourself of ich. fyi ive never had problems in these tanks with ich just being careful. i just setup a new tank, and i wanted to make sure i didnt transfer ich into my new tank...
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    stand and refugium for new 65 reef and fish.

    hi everyone im starting up a used 65 gallon from my lfs and the stand was beat up and small and wasn't gonna hold the refugium i wanted so i built my own stand and refugium. wanted to share some pics 
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    what size circulation pump should i get for 90 reef

    Hi everyone, I currently have 2 1300 gph koralia like pumps in my 90 gallon and it is way to much current. It also uses suction cups instead of magnets so they come off every so often. I wanted to get 2 new ones, I figured koralias would be good. I cant decide between the 750s or the 1050s. I do...
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    How Catjuggler got rid of Dinoflagellates (maybe)haha

    Hi everyone its Catjuggler again. I wanted to share my experience with the dreaded dino. My setup is a 90 gallon reef with fish and a 35 gallon long refugeium. I use ro/di from my 5 stage ro/di filter. I have a few koralia 3s so the flow is great. 2 250 metal halides and 2 96 watt super actinics...
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    led for 4 gallon

    Hi everyone its catjuggler again. I just purchased a 4 gallon tank from finnex and im looking to do a diy led setup for it. I was thinking i would only need about 4 bulbs, two white and two blue. I was thinking about getting this kit and making it dimmable...
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    too much light

    Hi everyone, i was looking at a 175 watt metal halide for a 29 tall. Is this too much light?
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    liquid phosphate remover

    Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone had any exp with any liquid phosphate remover. If you have any good brands let me know
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    can't decide on color temp

    I was gonna order a new set of metal halides today but i dont know what temp to get. I am running a 90 rr with fish,corals, and clams. I have to get one that is double ended. I cant decide on a 14000k or 15000k. Is there even a difference, please help i cant decide
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    ich and other questions

    Hi everyone I have a 90 gallon that i just switched all my coral and inverts to. I have ich on one of my fish in my 46 gal and i dont want to move any fish over from my 46 gal to the 90 gal in till i can get rid of the problem. I have some cupramine that i was gonna use but i was scare of...
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    Help with TDS (FOUND)

    Hi my name is james and i live in allen. I just got a used ro/di unit and i wanted to make sure the water coming out was ok to put in my tank before i use it. I ordered a tds meter but would really like to test it today. If there is anyone in allen or close by that would be willing to loan me...
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    cloudy reef water (fixed)

    Hi everyone its james i have a 46 gallon reef tank that has been going great. I got a bubble nem yesterday and it started to split now i have cloudy water. It only took about 2 hours to cloud up and im kinda worried. Are the 2 related or is the cloudyness due to something else. i checked my lvls...
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    Help with t5 lighting (fixed)

    Hi everyone its catjuggler, i just got 2 new GLO t5 fixtures a few days ago that hold 2 bulbs each. Dont get me wrong my coral and my fish look way better with the t5s then the power compacts i had before, but im just not really happy with the way the tank looks. Here are the bulbs i have the...
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    harlequin shrimp

    Hi I have a pair of harlequin shrimp and i would like to open a discussion on them. I love my pair, they swim around the tank and seem to like me and notice when im around. There tiny but they don't take any bull from there other tankmates and they seem to respect there space. There beautiful...
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    Catjuggler's 46 gallon bowfront

    its week 3 and my lvls are good, Im gonna give it another week before adding anything. I started with live sand, and live rock so the cycle went pretty quick just was waiting for it to stabilize before i went ahead with the stocking. Im going to be moving everything over from my 14 gallon...