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    GFO/Carbon Reactors

    I am working on a 40 gal breeder and am interested in running some carbon. I use to have a dual reactor some years ago from BRS, but sold it off when i left and I am back now. I was wanting to see what ya'll would recommend. Should I go with a single reactor and run both carbon and GFO mixed...
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    Ren's 40 gal build

    Hey everyone! I have finally decided to jump back into the deep of things and get something going! Tank : I am looking at getting the 40gal breeder going. I am either going with a custom made 40gal rimless tank (same dimensions as the breeder) or just purchasing the breeder from like...
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    Starry Blenny Breeding

    A guy on has been trying to raise a successful batch of Starry Blennies. Here's his thread: I definitely think it's interesting to read and find out whats happening.
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    Volcano Tank

    When I was on this evening, I came across a pretty interesting reef tank. I think you guys are going to be impressed with this. Or, at least I think you. Here's the link to his website that contains information on his build along with a nice little video...
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    ORA Announcement of Captive Bred Mandarines...

    ORA Announces Captive Bred Mandarins For many years marine aquarium hobbyists have been captivated by the exquisite beauty of Mandarin Gobies (actually Dragonettes). Their popularity, however, is tempered by the fact that they are difficult to feed in captivity and are subject to questionable...
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    I recently (a week ago) got some new rock. Put the new rock in the tank .. all is well. My tank looks great! Thanks Shaggy! However, since I put the new rock in the tank .. I can't get this damn skimmer to dial in for the life of me. I am not quite sure why either. Figuring it was because...
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    Battle with Dinoflagellates

    am getting ready to go on the war path with some Dinoflagellates. I am determine to win the war with them. Here is my planned of resolution and hopefully I can get some guidance. I do not follow all advice given, I find what works for me and go with it I read the thread from DLANDINO ... and I...
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    Overfishing of CUC??? NY Times article

    Good read for sure....
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    Vortech and lights out period

    I am needing to go lights out for 48 hrs. I am wondering if it is possible for me to put a sheet over the mp10 for the 48 hr period. the way it is draped over the tank now is that it is covering the motor to the mp10. Thanks
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    Re-Aquascaped ... Opinions

    So, I took some advice from folks over at the other thread that I started and made some changes. I like it quite a bit, but thought I'd throw it out there for some opinions :). Now please ignore all the frags and where all of them are for the most part, some of them are not in their final...
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    What is this and how do I rid my tank of it

    I have had this stuff forming in my tank for I don't know how long. I blow it off, it comes back ... I blow it off and it comes back. It literally attaches to everything. It has long stringie stuff .. and has a brown coat that looks like film. Now, if I stop all my water circulation, this...
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    What is this?

    What are these guys? Good, bad .... the ugly??? alt=""> alt="">
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    Filter Sock .. what micron

    I have some sand particles that are in my water column that are being kicked by the flow and etc. It's not super bad at all, but enough to annoy the hell out of me. I know a filter sock will help, if I put it on my return drain. So, my question is .. what micron would be recommended? Thanks!
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    Help me avoid the coral police .. whats my name?

    The coral police found me and they're asking my name and I'm lost to who I am... can you identify me?? alt="">[/
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    My adventure into vodka dosing ...

    *** This originally started on other forums and thought it could be useful over here, so I have cut and copied all the information I have documented thus far** I had waited for Murray's presentation on vodka dosing prior to starting my own adventure. I wanted to see what his presentation was...
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    Supplemental lighting poll

    I was playing with my supplemental lighting on my tank. I have 2 T5's on my tank for my supplemental. Prior to me changing out any of the bulbs, I had 2 blue plus on my system. If you vote, tell us why you voted for the photo that you like. Be as specific as possible, and maybe this will...
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    Good 175w Bulb?

    I am needing to get a new bulb for my 40gal breeder. The bulb that is currently in there is a 175w 15k Iwaski bulb. However, I am looking at getting an XM 15k bulb or a 20k bulb. I, however, haven't seen either in action. If you guys have these bulbs - mind showing me some photos so I can...
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    Ren's 40gal Breeder

    As everyone knows, I sold my 100gal system due to us relocating to a much smaller house. I traded my skimmer with FPerkins to get the 30gal DSA rimless tank. However, it's been a slow movement to getting that system up and going. Then, I just had to go and break my ankle! Which was a huge a...
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    Lighting for ATI Fixture .. Bulb Selection

    Ok, so I am getting a new ATI Light Fixture for the new tank. I talked to Greg at Reefgeek on bulb selection, he recommended two light set ups. So, I thought I'd ask you fellow folks and see what you guys would recommend. R This will give you a nice crisp color with a touch of blue and...
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    Renmar's 30gal Rimless Buid

    I couldn't just tear down my old system and not have anything left. So, I have decided to keep trucking on. Yes, this means that I am getting another tank! I have myself a 30gal rimless RR tank, with the overflow in the middle of the tank. This is one of the DSA tanks. Tank Dimensions ...