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    Moving in the next week, clearing out sale (14 Biocube, lights, dry rock).

    Moving in the next week or so.  Have the following for sale:14 gallon Biocube, no scratches, $50 dry, or $70 with rocks and sand.  Two LED strips added in place of one of the CFLs but both ballasts still installed, no permanent mods.  If you don't want the rock in it you can swap out for other...
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    600 gallons of teardown this weekend

    Edit for location: Murphy, just east of Plano/Richardson.  Near Murphy Rd/FM544 or Murphy Rd/Renner Rd.Looking to tear down my 600 in preparation for a move this weekend.  I already have most of the things I plan to keep hosted elsewhere, so 95% of what is in these photos is visible.Sunday or so...
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    Disappearing PMs

    I've had two PM's seemingly vanish on me in the past couple weeks.  The conditions are as follows:1 - I log in to the web page and get the pop-up for having an unread PM.2 - I read the PM, go about my business, and plan to reply to it later on in the day.3 - I go back later in the day and it...
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    WTB - Huge skimmer

    Curious if anyone has one they're interested in selling/trading, will go on a ~600 gallon system.
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    Planted aquarium teardown Sunday Jan. 20 (free plants)

    I understand there aren't too many freshwater folks in here but I'll post just in case.  I'm tearing down my planted 300 gallon aquarium tomorrow in Murphy starting at 10 AM.  If anyone wants some live plants, they're yours for free.  Located in Murphy.  PM me a phone number and I'll text...
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    Jccaclimber's closet cleanout

    More to come as I clear out stuff.  Mostly I'm looking to sell rather than trade given the decluttering goal.  I'm fairly negotiable on these.  I am looking for a large skimmer (the sort that works on a 600 gallon reef).1) Sumps, $40 each OBO.  Both measure 23.75" long x  12" deep x 16" tall. ...
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    Mesenterial filaments on an acro

    I've seen plenty of mesenterial filaments with LPS corals before.  I've also seen a green slimer let out a thick coating of slime around its base to kill off zoas (bam bams, cleared a good half inch out once it started).  I had not until today seen them on an acro, and also not on algae.Mind you...
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    Incorrect user name

    Instead of the little green "Welcome back jccaclimber" I'm now getting "Welcome back JP415".
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    Cannot access thread

    I am attempting to read the user "MichaelSmith"'s threads about seahorses and coral propagation.  When I click either of these the URL seems valid, but I end up at the home page.  His user account shows three posts, but his recent activity is empty.  Did this turn out to be a spammer that was...
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    FS: Blue/green palys

    As I'm taking care of an algae issue I'm also trying to clear some frag rack space.  I've decided not to move these into my display and want them out of my tank.  I feel bad drying them out without offering them to the club first as I know some people do have an appreciation for palys.Three...
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    Free coral for beginners

    As a standing offer, and an attempt at boosting activity on the boards I'm offering a free frag to anyone in the group who is starting a new tank, or turning a FOWLR to a reef.  I've enjoyed being a part of this community, and would like to give something back.The rules are as follows:1) You...
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    My Duncan, Cousin Itt

    No question, just a photo I took of one of my duncans today and decided to share.  It reminded be of Cousin Itt from the Addams Family.
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    Gen 3 Pro Radions for sale

    I've decided to upgrade my tank to Gen4Pro, so the Gen 3 Pro units are available.$425 each, have 8 left.  $400 each if you buy more than one.  They are all currently running and will be taken down as they are sold. 
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    Chasing Coral

    This was forwarded to me the other day, I don't have Netflix, so I haven't seen it yet.1) Has anyone seen it, is it any good?2) It says you can get a viewing license to host 1 free screening, club event?3) Anyone have an idea what it might cost to rent out a theater for a club showing?  It looks...
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    Tomorrow's meeting location?

    The message says "Stacy's Furniture", but there are a couple of those.Is this the address?1900 S Main St, Grapevine, TX 76051
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    Bug report: Pictures rotating

    The first 5 pictures in this thread are rotated incorrectly. ?They are not rotated on my computer, but were when uploaded. ?The 6th picture is correct (ie not rotated).
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    Repairing a Biocube 29 splash shield

    Two and a half years ago I added the Rapid LED Aurora kit to my 29 gallon Biocube. ?There were some warnings about the splash shield and UV/violet LED's. ?Well, starting around 1.5 years in there were some yellow spots. ?Going forwards to 2.5 years the splash shield was cracked and getting...
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    Cannot see member profiles when logged in

    I wanted to send Mike a PM, so I navigated to his page, but couldn't find the PM button. ?I realized I was logged out, so I logged in and no longer have permission to see his page or any of the member pages.Please resolve. ?Also, a "send this user a PM" button on their member profile page would...
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    Feature request - tagging members

    This is way below data migration on the importance list but I figured I would get it out there. ?Is there a way to tag members? ?Obviously it needs to be something you could individually disable, but sometimes I'll mention a user, either "When I looked at Bob's tank" or "Bob's the expert on...
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    Trusted and other member types

    I noticed today that I'm now listed as a "Trusted Member". ?While I'm delighted to find out that I'm trustworthy, I'm curious how this came about. ?Is this based on age, post count, phase of the moon? ?Is there a list somewhere telling us what all of these designations mean?