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    Hello, I'm interested in the GHL power bars. Where are you located?

    Hello, I'm interested in the GHL power bars. Where are you located?
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    2 GHL Power Bars 6E for sale for $50.00 each.

    Where are you located?
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    Innovative Marine 50 Gallon Lagoon Tank and Stand For Sale

    Either the tank is gone or he is gone. There's been no other post from the seller since the initial offering.
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    Foxface - venom get anyone?

    Very hot water is also what they recommend for a lionfish sting. I've had a Magnificent Foxface in my 120 gallon tank for a number of years and he's never been a problem. If I have to put my hands in the tank he usually goes behind the rocks and hides.
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    Blue Tang not eating or moving

    You might want to go on Reef2Reef and Post in the Fish Disease and treatment forum. There are some very knowledgeable people who have helped me with a sick fish. You have nothing to lose at this point.
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    Hawaii harvesting of tropical fish for aquariums approved

    Not anytime soon. The court cases will have to be heard. This has become an emotional issue for the people of Hawaii and the scientists are being pretty much ignored. This crusade was started more than 10 years ago by a guy named Snorkel Bob. Honestly, even if the fishery is reopened for...
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    our friend Jake Adams passes away

    There is a Gofundme account in Jakes honor. His wife is expecting their first child so this is even more tragic. Please give if you can.
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    Red Slime Algae

    Remove as much as you can manually. I stopped using Chemipure a long time ago. It's really a matter of getting your nutrients in order. In my tank it usually shows up when my phosphates are higher than my nitrates.
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    Hawaiian Reef Live Feed

    I found this the other day on YouTube. It's a live camera on a Hawaiian reef. Not a lot of corals to look at but a ton of beautiful Hawaiian reef fish.
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    In search of Red Planet frag

    Hello,             I lost my Red Planet due to an alkalinity spike. I'd like to see if I can find it locally before I order one online.Regards,MikeW.
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    Corals for sale- Grapevine

    I'm trying to make some room so I have to thin the heard out a little. If interested you can PM me or text me at 81 seven- seven 0 seven- 139 seven. - Grapevine3" plate coral $60                    4" Plate coral $80          4 Pieces of WWC Paletta Tri Color$20 for the 3 smaller pieces $30 for...
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    I purchased this three years ago. Still works perfectly. It will need new tubes. With hanging kit. $375
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    Reef Octopus Classic 202-S Protein Skimmer $230

    I bought this in August of 2016 but haven't used it in over a year. It was too big for my tank. It's rated for 180 gallons and up. I'm located in Grapevine near 121 and William D. Tate. You can PM me or text @ 817- seven zero seven- 1397.
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    Excellent video explaining the Hawaii collection ban
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    Mid Cities Aquarium?

    Does anyone know what happen to Mid Cities? Did they move or did they go out of business. They're not on Glade anymore.
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    Co2 Supplier

    Hello, I'm considering adding a calcium reactor and am wondering where everyone gets their Co2 tanks serviced? I live in Grapevine so I'd like to stay as close to home as possible. Thanks.
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    Collecting Dory

    This is an interesting video on the process that gets our saltwater friends to us from the other side of the world.
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    LED's or T5's?

    Hello, I have a 120 gallon reef tank that I currently running 4 Build My LED fixtures. My tank has done fairly well but my SPS has never really thrived. I rented a PAR meter and started checking to see how my lights were doing. Basically, if I run all 4 fixtures at 100% I can get a PAR reading...
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    Question for apartment reefers

    We'll be moving from a house to an apartment next month. Fortunately I'll be setting up a new aquarium. What do you guys do for make up water? If you use RO units, do you hook it up to the faucet or the water hook up for your washer?