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    CLARISEA SK-3000 for sale

    Selling my Clarisea to upgrade to the larger model. $200.00 it is working and upgraded the motor with the GEN3 one, nothing wrong with it just need to upgrade since my bio load has increased. I'm located in Plano.
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    Have some SPS Frags $15.00 a piece (Green slimer and Spongeode monti)

    Pics from where the frags com, I am using filter to remove some of the blue, corals are greener.
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    Kessil A-series arm mount and Kessil goose necks.

      2 X Kessil A-series Arms each $40.00 2 X Kessil goosenecks with brackets for A360  each $18.00 These are in good condition, some rust but they are Arms and goosenecks nothing to break on them like electronics, so will not go lower. I am in Plano, TX  
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    FREE GSP second try.

    Not sure what happened to my other post, nothing ended up posted. So I have a healthy colony of GSP, I know it is not a favorite of a lot of reefers, but if you keep it on its own silo it should be fine, I want to mow down my colony so if you are interested let me know, it is FREE.   I am...
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    Looking for Kessil a360we tuna blue.

    Before I venture into the realm of ebay or some other place, if someone is looking to get rid of a kessil a360we tune blue, let me know.
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    Neptune Trident Open box

      I am selling Neptune Trident, it is new, but open box it was a pandemic purchase for purposes of backup,  but with the Maintainance kit and program they have I feel no need to keep it anymore. Since the reagents are already a year old that is 50 bucks and well it is a year old no warranty from...
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    WINTER STORM and BRS help.

    Hope everyone are doing ok and no damage to our reefs, I was lucky enough to keep my tank warm with two days of power outages, small inverter helped. but already looking for larger portable generator.  Either way I got his from BRS, and I Think it is nice from them and I am sure a lot got the...
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    Corallife 18w UV light plus extra bulb, EHEIM 1250 and RIO 2100 for sale

    I have this items for sale:   Corallife 18W UV light for sale, lightly used so the bulb still good for a year and an extra bulb.   $100 and bulb $40.00 EHEIM 1250  pump $40.00 RIO 2100  pump $35.00      
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    Jebao Programmable Auto Dosing Pump DP-4

    $30.00 as it is.  
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    Upgrade From JBJ 45 to 120G

    Not sure what is going on the forums, but it is twice when I post a topic and it seems nothing gets published.Here I go again.Migrating my JBJ 45 to a 120G plus sump (so probably like 140G) tank, so far so good, dealt with a mini cycle, some plumbing issues, making the saltwater having my stock...
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    Selling reef ready JBJ 45 tank.

    So I decided to upgrade to a larger tank, so I am selling my JBJ45, lights, return pump, upgraded media basket, I am selling as a whole tank for the exception of the livestock that is moving to the other tank. I already purchased the larger tank, but I am planning on installing in on mid January...
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    Kessil a150 Tuna Blue, Pinpoint PH reader, and Kessil spectral controller.

    I have this items in Ebay, you are welcome to PM me and make an offer too, if there is no bid, I am willing to delist them.Kessil Light PH meter: spectral controller.
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    Spotted Dragonets mating ?

    I got me a couple of dragonets about a month ago , and I found them doing some weird dance, I took a video (Sorry for the glare).Here is the video, are they matting ? (LFS told me both were female, now I think they are not ;-) )  
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    KESSIL A150 for sale

    Kessil A150 for sale, Still working conditions just had to replace it with a 160we since I want to use the spectral controller, but great LED for a nano tank.  Kessil A150 $100.00 or  OBO,   will also trade for Frags.I am in PLANO, TX thanks, 
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    New Pygmy angel didn't make it .

    So not sure it is a Emergency tank help, but I got this beautiful pygmy fireback angel and it didn't lasted more than 4 days. I first thought water parameters or it was already sick, but it had a nasty scar on the side, or it was rock entrapment or something else:The USUAL SUSPECTS ARE:ROCK...
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    Flatworm - Acoel ?

    This is on my refugium, where I have cheato, and ofcourse detritus and copepods. So not surprised I have  Acoel, should i be concern or just check that they do not overgrow on the refugium, I take the cheato and clean it once every two weeks. 
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    In-Tank/refugium Reactor AQUAMAXX FR-S for Sale.

    I have two AQUAMAXX FR-S one is new the other one used.New = $55.00Used = $35.00/OBO.I can even mail it local just so no need to drive all the way to Plano 
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    Is this Coralline algae ?

    This is a tank that I started with dry rock, it is on the build up forum, I had of course a few frags and snails that had coralline, but is this coralline that is growing now? The rocks have the green algae but if you take a look at the rods there are what I think purple dots,  well not sure...
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    T5 Lighting and also a protein skimmer CPR BAK PAK

    I have this items that I want to sell or maybe even trade for a coral frags , nothing fancy. I do not need them not looking to make a lot of money just get the right offer.The light fixture is custom made it has two inlets for pairs of light, the protein skimmer just the collection cup has the...
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    Getting back into NANO REEF with a JBJ RL-45.

    I just came back to the hobby after a 3 year break, and starting this new JBJ RL45, This will be Day 2 of my build so perfect to add it to the section of the forum. I had prior to move to Dallas area a 20G Nano reef that went very good, everything grew, even move to acros but I had to sell it...